Looking for the best dance experience?

18 Instructors
17231 Social Media Followers EDP Worldwide
4 Global Locations

Looking for the best dance experience?

18 Instructors
17231 Social Media Followers EDP Worldwide
4 Global Locations


Pole Tricks & Technique (Levels)

45 min taster class – not sure Pole Dancing is for you? Come try out a mini class! See what all the fuss is about, enjoy a short introductory session to the art of pole dancing… before committing to a series of classes! We’re positive you will love it so much you’ll want to come back for more!!
FOR FIRST TIME POLERS ONLY – if you want to be assessed and already Pole Dance, please attend a Whack Me or any single level Tricks & Technique class/ Choreo or Pole Grooves class that you think you might be right for and we can assess you properly.

For absolute BEGINNERS (or tried it maybe once or twice)

Your class will introduce you to the art of pole dancing building strength in your core and upper body, improving flexibility and posture, and bringing some sass and excitement to the way you move and hold yourself through dance.

You will learn some fun and very exciting tricks which are incorporated into different sequences and combinations each week, including climbs, spins and floorwork.

We recommend completing at least 6-8 Beginner classes before checking with your teacher if you are ready to move to the next level (the next level is Elementary and we do offer combined Beg/ Elem classes too – feel free to come to those as an absolute Beginner – they are just smaller numbers usually!) Make sure you also check out the days and times of our OPEN TRICKS & COMBOS (Beg/Inter levels) as these are also suitable for Beginners!

Elementary is for those who have completed the Beginner course or have done a little pole dancing in the past and want to improve their technique to gain strength before starting to invert (you won’t invert until Inter 1).

This level will develop your tricks, climbs, sits and spins further, and develop your co-ordination, with different combinations and sequences taught each week.

You will begin to learn preparatory exercises getting you ready for going upside down in the next level! We recommend completing at least 6-8 Elementary classes before checking with your teacher if you are ready to move to the next level!  (combined Beginner/ Elementary classes are offered so come along to those too!)  Make sure you also check out what days and times our OPEN TRICKS & COMBOS (Beginners/ Inter Level) as this is also suitable for Elem level students.

You will have graduated from our Elementary level (or equivalent) and be able to competently climb the pole and perform a number of spins and pole tricks now!
Inter 1 students will learn to invert for the first time! Yep you get to go upside down in this level! (and for this reason you must have some solid training behind you to ensure you are strong enough to safely attempt these tricks).
Sequences and combo’s with spins and tricks (and your new found skill to hang upside down!) will be taught in each lesson, whilst also continuing to learn essential conditioning and weight bearing exercises to help you conquer these amazing tricks (like hang back, cross ankle release and basic inverts).
We recommend completing at least 10-14 Intermediate1 classes before checking with your teacher if you are ready to move to Intermediate 2! Feel free to join any of the Inter 1 or combined Inter 1 & 2 classes – as well as OPEN TRICKS & COMBOS (Inter/Adv) classes.

To start our Inter 2 classes you will have completed Inter 1 (or be competent with basic invert to crucifix, basic straddle & hangback/ cross ankle release with one knee bent).

Now you are really getting into it – you will learn some exhilarating new tricks such as inside and outside leg hangs and inverts from up the pole, reverse grabs and new grips – building on all your training so far. At this level you are almost advanced so your combinations and sequences will work on stamina, fluidity and linking tricks together!

Stretching and conditioning exercises in this course will focus on improving the lines and shapes your body makes – as this is a visual art after all! We recommend completing at least 10-14 Intermediate 2 classes before checking with your teacher if you are ready to move to the next level! Make sure you check out the OPEN TRICKS & COMBOS classes for Beg/ Inter and Inter/Adv as these are also suitable for all INTER students and combos/tricks for your level will be given.

The start of your Advanced Pole Dance training, in Advanced 1 we introduce you to some really challenging Tricks & Combos on the pole (including the rite of passage for all polers – the Handspring!) with emphasis on building strength to master power moves like shoulder mounts, as well as hip holds, superman and more complicated sequences of tricks and combinations up the pole (don’t worry there is no full routine so if you are just coming to single classes you won’t miss out on choreo! We recommend completing at least 12-18 Advanced 1 classes before checking with your teacher if you are ready to move to Advanced 2!)

To link everything into a routine if you like the dance side of pole, add in a Sexy or Lyrical Choreo class or why not try one of our Advanced Choreo classes or OPEN TRICKS & COMBOS (Int/Adv level).  Whack Me is recommended as a supplement to your training to maintain the strength needed for Advanced Pole!

We suggest you take this course in conjunction with at least one or two more classes per week to maintain your technique and strength – we recommend Whack Me and Pole Grooves!

With Advanced 1 now firmly under your belt, you have the skills and strength to attempt this super advanced level. You will start training extreme tricks and combinations of the highest technical standard, extreme flexibility & the Ultimate Power moves. Advanced 2 will start training Elbow and Split Grip Aysha, Twisted grip Handsprings, and aerial shoulder mounts. Advanced 3 will be working on Aerial Deadlifts, Drops, Extreme Splits moves and walk overs/ challenging Handstand tricks.

We suggest you take this class in conjunction with at least one or two more classes per week to maintain your technique and strength – such as Whack Me, Pole Grooves & OPEN TRICKS & COMBOS (Inter/Adv).

Challenging combinations and weekly sequences will be taught each class (don’t worry there’s no full routine so if you are just coming to single classes you won’t miss out on choreo!) Our teachers will advise you when you are ready to join the Adv 3/ Professional Classes, so keep at it!! To link everything into a routine if you like the dance side of pole, add in a Sexy or Lyrical Choreo class.

Suitable for those that have graduated from our ADV 2 or guests to the studio in ADVANCED levels and PROFESSIONALS – this is our weekly workshop style class with POLE STARS from around the globe and our leading instructors!

JUSTINE MCLUCAS (when in London) – RACHEL TOLZMAN – ALEKSANDRA KAROLINA – ALEX VOJTKU – ANNA DE CARVALHO (when in town too) are all regular teachers of this exciting class.

You should generally be able to handspring comfortably to attend! We work on the most advanced moves and lots of new fun insta/ youtube combos that might be trending and workshop lots of tricks (all our Adv 2/ Adv 3 students are all welcome, and overseas visitors!).

Guest teachers in the past include: Saulo Sarmiento, Dakota Fox, Sammy Lee, Talia Marino, Anna de Carvalho, Amber Ray, Katherine White, Lucy Cork, Nico Modesteine & Felicity Logan!

This class combines tricks and combos across the levels suitable for Beginners to Intermediate or Intermediate to Advanced students.
Expect some conditioning as part of your warm up, (variations given for your level), moving onto tricks and combos for your level. Transitions will also be taught and often spinning pole used, allowing you to build on your technique and tricks repertoire!
The session will finish off with a stretch and cool down.

Taught by a team of professional, qualified dance, circus and fitness instructors.

Specialty Classes

(Choreo – Conditioning – Circus – Aerial)

Find out where the “I’ve Been Whacked by the McLucas Mafia..” slogan came from! This hardcore strength tricks class was originally devised by our founder, Justine McLucas, as a super duper POLE CONDITIONING & STRENGTH WORKOUT! It is the perfect addition to your Technique class weekly to help you progress to your highest potential as quick as possible!

Not for absolute Beginners (Gents however you are welcome to come along as beginners) – everyone is given exercises on and off the pole to suit their level.

Each instructor has developed their own flare for conditioning and combos in this class, dependent on their backgrounds ranging from gymnastics style or martial arts or other fitness styles, and often we use our fabulous Gymnastics Wall Bars and other equipment in addition to the pole!

Specific strengthening exercises will be given whether you’re working on inverts, holds, lifts, handsprings, different grips, handstands, brass monkey lifts,  or shoulder mount tricks,  we have an array of prep exercises to get you to the top of your level and super strong!! Strong is the new sexy after all!

Want to know how to DANCE and learn some real sexy classic CHOREO on the floor and round the pole.. think body waves, sexy handstands, hair flicks, floorwork, backward rolls, heel clacks, strutting and turning transitions around the pole… the lot! Bringing the EXOTIC back into Pole!

This class is all about being SEXY!! Feel good and confident about yourself, while learning new slinky sensual floorwork, transitions and combos on the pole. The entire class is taught in heels (including the warm up!) and will be extremely HOT!

OPEN TO ALL LEVELS – dance and choreography is the focus in this class so all levels welcome (just make sure you know how to climb the pole at least….) – Basic tricks and spins will be given as options for those of a lower level and suggestions of more advanced tricks for the higher levels inbetween your sexy raunchy dance parts… you will need to bring leggings and heels (it is also a good idea to bring knee pads!!)

Lyrical Pole classes are always a real chance to DANCE! (suitable for Inter 1 and up)

Class combining Lyrical dance styles with pole and contemporary dance movement, the bare foot choreo class! A short routine will be taught each class, infusing both pole tricks and your newfound contemporary style. Routines/ choreo will usually be on a spinning pole in this class (but not always!) Check out our monthly IN HOUSE WORKSHOPS on Saturdays to see if Lyrical is coming up (under the normal class timetable, and you can use your OPEN POLE packs to book! Do also check upcoming Guest Workshops under the Workshops tab specifically)

POLE GROOVES – is a Combo’s & Flow’s class (suitable for Intermediate 1 and up) for those seeking to link their tricks together, find their flow and find ways to transition in and out of moves to combine them into a fluid chain of movement (not just one trick at a time!)

We will work on mini routine style flows/ long combinations with lots of combos intertwined every week (with an emphasis on spinning pole combos, staying up the pole for long periods of time to complete a series of tricks all linked together, and flows that combine a fluid chain of movement that flows around, down to the floor and back up!)

Every one of our poles can be made spinning or static, so you always have the option to train on either in any of your classes. During technique classes we will dedicate some weeks to just spinning pole. Learn how to adapt your tricks to a spinning pole, learn fluidity of movement using spinning techniques, and how to control the speed of your spinning apparatus.

For other classes where combos/ routines and choreo are often taught on Spinning Pole, see OPEN TRICKS & COMBOS classes (Beginner/ Inter & Adv), Lyrical pole, Sexy Choreo and Pole Grooves.

ALL LEVELS WELCOME! Beginners to Advanced! Suitable for all levels working to improve their flexibility right up to those wanting to advance at CONTORTION. We also teach this as a combined “HANDSTANDS & FLEXIBILITY” class so you can experience a little taste of both disciplines in one class. Check out the timetable!

Stretching is essential for creating those amazing shapes on the pole – including splits and back bends and is also beneficial for your body for so many other disciplines of dance and fitness and general muscle health.  This class does not involve any pole so all are welcome to join – non-polers too! Ladies and gents come along!  Come join in the bendy fun with us!

ALL LEVELS WELCOME! An open class – mixed ability open to all levels from Beginners to Advanced. The class is very small with limited spaces so there is always time and space for every student whatever your level – whether handstanding against the wall or in the middle of the room already! A class for adults to train HANDSTANDS – using circus training techniques from the expertise of our resident Circus performers and Instructors! We also teach this as a combined “HANDSTANDS & FLEXIBILITY” class so you can experience a little taste of both disciplines in one class. Check out the timetable!

Our team have trained at Circus Space, The Hangar and other international circus schools, and perform around the world in Hand Balancing Acts, Acro and Hand to Hand performances! This class will involve gymnastics style training on handstands and balancing.  Great as a conditioning class for anyone taking our Pole or HOOP courses… as well as anyone wanting to develop their progress with handstands/ walkovers and balancing.

You do not need to be taking pole or another skill class to join us for this class! ALL WELCOME!


This class will involve a mixture of Handstands & Circus conditioning to Warm up – see how fun a circus style workout can be while you tone up and get fit upside down! Then we will be hopping onto the beautiful tissue (aka silks) and you will be guided through wraps, drops and poses suspended in the air by fabric!

Our team have trained at Circus Space, The Hangar and other international circus schools, and perform around the world in Aerial Cabaret Acts, Hand Balancing Acts, Acro and Hand to Hand performances!

You do not need to be taking pole or another skill class to join us for this class! ALL WELCOME!

Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra, Aerial ring or Cerceau) With weekly classes open to all levels from Beginners through to Advanced, you can be sure to progress and challenge your Aerial Hoop skills with us as our classes very small with a max of 8 in total and only up to 2 sharing a hoop. If you want to feel what it’s like to dance in the air… Then Aerial Hoop will be perfect for you!

Available as single sessions or purchase one of our 75min price packs to save on each visit.

“Pole Hire” is an opportunity for you to rent a pole on your own in the studio for an hour, no instructor! All responsibility and risk assessments lay with yourself (we do not allow absolute Beginners to Pole Hire on their own). Available as single sessions or in class packs. You can use your POLE HIRE pack credits toward our monthly STUDIO POLE JAMS too!

We sometimes also run instructor led “Practise” classes – Practise makes perfect! So practise practise practise! Time for you to work on those tricks you learn in class that are proving difficult and to give you more specific coaching by one of our instructors who will assist and correct you to help you with tricks you’re stuck on.

Only real Men Pole Dance! Have you seen all the latest crazes of BAR and CALISTHENICS workouts?  These guys are super strong and have awesome upper body strength – pole dance offers this very type of training for the upper body using the VERTICAL BAR! Men can come along to any of our Pole levels classes (Inter 1 and up – we suggest not Beginners as there are a lot of body rolls in this class – please email us first if you want to join Beginners) – but do pop in for Intermediate 1 & up, Advanced, Pole Grooves, Whack Me, Handstands, Flexibility, Hoop (The Beginner/ Elementary classes are intended for the girls only so we make our girls feel super comfortable with this very new environment, but do come along and ask us and we will place you in the right level for you from Inter 1 and up or into Whack Me!)  We suggest you come along to WHACK ME your first few times – then we can assess you and your brut strength for which level from Inter 1 – Adv 2 to place you in for further training. For a solely male class of any level – get together a group and book a group private!

It’s not easy boys so beware – bring your balls with you!

Additional Services

One to one coaching (also available as 2 to 1 or shared as a three or small group of 4) – tailored to your own specific needs and goals with you and the instructor! All our instructors are available to book for privates, please contact us to enquire about availability and book a private lesson.

Perfect way to celebrate the HEN’s (or the Stag’s!!) big day or a BIRTHDAY!  A Pole Dancing Party! Choose from any other style we offer if you want to add some variety: Burlesque, Strip, Lap, Booty, Twerk, Hoop (or combine some styles together!)

Large groups (10 people or over): 1.5hrs

Small groups (up to 10 people): 1hr

All party classes include a full fun warm up, pole tricks, spins and a sexy routine, cool down and a real show from your professional instructor! You are welcome to bring snacks & drinks, and your instructor will take photos and videos for a keepsake of your Hen / Stag/ Birthday girl or Boy.. strutting their stuff around the pole!

Burlesque/ Strip/ Lap/ Booty/ Hoop/ Twerk: also includes a warm up, a routine in your chosen style, (maybe some stripping for those choosing Strip or Burlesque!) Your instructor will perform a professional show at the end for your entertainment (maybe you can perform this on your wedding night for your new husband/ wife!!)

See below link for full details and prices – email us to see if your desired date and time is available before you book.

Not only do we regularly have some of the best champion Pole Stars from around the globe visiting us to share their amazing pole knowledge, we often also hold fun other workshops such as Twerk & Booty Popping, Burlesque, Latin, Belly Dance, Ballet, Hoola Hoop or Aerial skills, or one off Spinning Pole lessons, Ecole de Pole invites regular leading performers from the industry to give you the chance to experience many different styles of dance, movement and show experiences!  Make sure you check both the regular class schedule and workshops tab on our timetable for Guest and In House workshops (in house workshops will be shown on selected Saturdays under normal class schedule)

Our Guests: Marlo Fisken, Saulo Sarmiento, Natasha Wang, Karol Helms, Alethea Austin, Michelle Shimmy, Maddie Sparkle, Michelle Stanek, Anastasia Sukhrotova, Evgeny Greshilov, Hanka Venselaar, Sasja Fierce, Amanda Rose, Samantha Star, Dakota Fox, Sammy Lee, Suzie Q & Toby J, Oona Kivela, Carlie Hunter, Amy Hazel, Amber Ray, Marion Crampe, Heidi Coker, Nadia Shariff, Gal BePole.. to name a few!

A chance to jam around on the poles, see what others are doing and meet fellow addicted polers at the studio! You can treat the group as a test audience and have a chance to practise in front of a group for an upcoming comp or show.. workshop insta and youtube combos… get together with your friends from your technique and sexy classes!  ALL WELCOME!  Bring along a friend you want to introduce to pole so they can see what it’s all about and meet some of the EDP Family!

We also regularly host STUDENT SHOWCASES & PARTIES in local venues around Camden often in conjunction with our Pole Camps, where you can try out performing in a non judgemental and non competitive environment – plus be treated to some fantastic shows by other students and instructors too! Ecole de Pole often supports a charity at the jams and showcases – in Dec 2011 we raised £185.50 in aid of UNICEF! In 2012 we raised money for Child Trafficking charities, and in Nov 2013 we raised over £200 for Starfish Volunteers to raise money toward Justine journey to volunteer in Thailand help build a children’s home on the Thai/ Burmese border. In Sep 2015 we raised over £270 for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust at our student showcase. keep an eye on the Ecole de Pole facebook pages and the general class schedule for upcoming POLE JAMS and SHOWCASES!

Ecole de Pole founder, Justine McLucas, also created the super successful “Eat Sleep Pole Retreat” Pole Camps that started in 2012 in Barcelona, and have since run 2-3 camps EVERY YEAR in different locations such as Mallorca, Poland, Singapore and London (and from 2017 a new one in Thailand too!)  There are always groups for Intermediate level polers, and the Advanced/ pro’s separate to give everyone the opportunity to come along no matter what your poling level!

The Ecole de Pole Camps are known for their star worthy instructor line ups, off the hook parties and activities, bringing polers from across the globe together to enjoy training and holidaying with like minded people! Guys and Girls all welcome – and there are always packages allowing you to bring your non-poling hubby’s/ boyf’s/ kids or friends too so they can join in on the activities and showcases whilst you holiday together! Check out the Pole Camp page for more info on upcoming camps this year!  Our Regular pole camps in the London Studio include EASTER and SUMMER every year, plus an overseas one in an exotic location!

Book one of our Acrobatic & Artistic Pole & Dance Performers and you can also HIRE a STAGE POLE for an act or event.

Have us perform at your event or teach workshops in your studio in the UK or Internationally: pole dancing, aerial hoop, contortion, lyrical or contemporary pole, dance & choreography, silks and trapeze, hand balancing and more. Contact us directly for more information.

Performance coaching – Full Music/Choreography/costume packages available for competition and show work – contact us for more details and quote a tailor made program for your performance needs.

We hire out our studios for private rentals by the hour (for photoshoots / rehearsals etc). We do not rent our studios for others to run their own classes however.

We also hire out X-Stages for events so contact us for more info on having Pole at your event.

We are agents for X POLE and can order you a pole for your home!  Whatever your preference – 40/ 45/ 50mm, Chrome, Brass or Titanium, Static or Static/Spinning, plus we can purchase portable X-Stages for you – contact admin direct to purchase your own dance pole and have delivered direct to your home. Email us with the height of your ceiling for a quote.